New apprentices at Brighton & Hove City Council

Caitlin Deller and Jack Summers

Caitlin Deller, 18, and Jack Summers, 25, are doing a Level 3 Planning NVQ at Chichester College.

Jack: "After college, I worked in retail for a few years and then moved to administration in the council. I enjoyed working in the planning team so pursued an apprenticeship when the opportunity arose. I chose an apprenticeship as it's a way to become qualified and start a career in a field I am interested in"

Caitlin: "I used to go to Varndean College and I completed a Level 3 Early Years diploma. This course was 2 years, and once I had completed it I was in search of an apprenticeship. I have been in this apprenticeship for almost a month now and am really enjoying it. It is a great opportunity to gain qualifications, learn new things and earn money in a work-based environment all at once. I wanted to learn something new so decided that an apprenticeship would be the best way for this."

Stephanie Baker

Apprenticeship: Standards & Achievement Administrator for the Post 16 Development Team
Qualification: Level 3 Diploma in Business Administration 

Why did you choose an apprenticeship?
I wanted to gain a qualification whilst building on the experience I gained volunteering for the Youth Employability Service. 

Where do you go to college?
My course is run by City College but I complete my work in the workplace.

After leaving school I went to Sussex Downs College in Eastbourne. After being there for a term I found that it wasn't the right kind of learning environment for me so I left. I then took a short course with the Youth Employability Service (YES) and stayed there for a year doing admin and assisting with the young people's group on a voluntary basis. YES then supported me in finding and applying for this apprenticeship.

Luke Sheldon-Edwards

Age: 20
Apprenticeship: ICT Apprentice
Qualification: NVQ Level 2 ICT Professional Competence

Why did you choose an apprenticeship?
Becoming an apprentice was a decision I made after a lot of thinking about my time at College. I enjoyed the subjects I studied, but I found that the listen/write/repeat method of learning didn’t suit me, and that the few practical courses I had done were much more engaging. For me, the difference was between knowing all these facts, and actually understanding them.

I didn’t want to go to University where I would never really connect with what I was studying. An Apprenticeship seemed like a great alternative to this, especially in the IT field. There are the massive advantages of being paid while you learn, and gaining real work experience at an early stage.

I’m now part of the Web development team in Brighton & Hove City Council. I learn new things and gain new skills every day, and everyone is incredibly supportive and happy to share their knowledge and experience.

Where do you go to college?
The apprenticeship is provided by City College Brighton & Hove, who provide assessors to support you as you work and complete your course.

I studied Biology, Anthropology, Sociology and Psychology at Varndean College. After this, I worked as a part time social worker for the better part of a year before seeking an ICT focused apprenticeship. I was able to join the Web team despite having no previous web development work experience, only an enthusiasm for computing technology.

Georgia Easteal

Age: 16
Apprenticeship: Transport Projects Apprentice
Qualification: NVQ Level 2 Business Administration

Why did you choose an apprenticeship?
I did a lot of research during year 11 on which education path I would go down after leaving school. I was unsure which career I was interested in and I didn’t want to go to college for two years and finish with qualifications that would not help me get the job I wanted.

I went to Longhill High School, who provided information on apprenticeships and we were visited by the apprentice ambassadors. This, and my own research, made me choose an apprenticeship as I know that I would be receiving good training, learning many useful skills and it would open up opportunities for me.

As I have come straight from school I was not sure what to expect, it took a few days to settle in but I got used to it very quickly. Everyone is really supportive and I am learning lots of new skills.

I’m glad I decided to do an apprenticeship as it has given me a sense of responsibility and along with earning my own money, knowing that my work is helping the residents of Brighton and Hove is a reward in itself.

Where do you go to college?
My college course is provided by City College, however I am able to do all my work in the workplace so I don’t need to go to college every week.


I’ve recently left school and this apprenticeship placement is my first type of work I’ve ever done. One of my hobbies is dance which I do every Friday and also did as one of my GCSE options

Theo Duncumb Rogers

Age: 19 
Apprenticeship: Communications Apprentice
Qualification: NCTJ Level 3 Junior Journalist

Why did you choose an apprenticeship?
I had a gap year in which I spent most of the time wondering what I should do. I didn’t know what I would study at university and I didn’t want to spend a ridiculous amount of money to study something that I was unsure I wanted to do. I also didn’t want to be burdened with the debt that university comes with. I thought an apprenticeship was the right thing for me as I would gain experience and a free qualification, which I wouldn’t get in a regular job.

I now work in the Brighton & Hove City Council press office where I write press releases, answer media enquiries and help run the council’s social media sites. Brighton & Hove City Council are the only local authority in the south east that employees journalist apprenticeships so am really grateful to be given this opportunity. 

Where do you go to college?
I attend Lambeth College in London once a week where I study shorthand, media law and news reporting.

After finishing college at BHASVIC, I took a gap year in which I got a job at Boots to gain some experience. I also did a bit of travelling and I interrailed around Europe. I attended Glastonbury festival and volunteered with Oxfam at Bestival which was a really great experience.

Liz Moore and Will Kemp

Liz Moore, 28 and Will Kemp, 19 are now fully underway with their Local Taxation Apprenticeship with Brighton & Hove City Council (BHCC). 

The pair started their apprenticeship in November 2014 and will finish April 2016. 

Our Background

Liz: "Before my apprenticeship I was working in Brazil as an English Teacher, I then went on to work with Health Management Companies in Australia and England, after this I worked at EDF Energy in Portslade."

Will: "After I finished college I didn't know what to do, so I ended up working in Tesco for a year. I wanted to move on and learn and new trade while getting paid, so I decided to go for an apprenticeship."

Vinny Stephenson

Age: 19 
ApprenticeshipTechnical support officer.
Qualification: Business Administration, NVQ level 2 at Brighton City College.

Vinny started his apprenticeship three weeks ago with Brighton & Hove City Council (BHCC) and has already adapted to the fast working environment and new college course.

Prior to Vinny applying for his apprenticeship, he carried out a 3 month voluntary Traineeship at BHCC in aim to gain experience working in an office environment as well as developing his computer skills. He later applied for his apprenticeship and landed himself the job.

We asked Vinny why he applied for an apprenticeship at BHCC, he said:

“Having done my Traineeship with Brighton & Hove City Council, I know how well organised they are as well as being one of the biggest employers in the city and I thought who better to do it with.

“Doing the Traineeship, gave me the confidence to apply for this particular apprenticeship and I couldn’t be happier and I look forward to going into work every day, feeling a sense of responsibility, especially earning my own money.”

We later asked Vinny, why he decided to take on an apprenticeship rather than going to university, Vinny said:

“I felt more comfortable doing an apprenticeship and learning on the job, gaining a qualification and getting paid was a much better option for me, rather than getting into debt. I feel an apprenticeship is extremely valuable to put on the CV and take with me to any future employment and personally I feel an apprenticeship was the right route for me.”

Hear full interview with Vinny  


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