Thursday, 29 January 2015

BACA Sixth Form Assembly - 29 January 2015

Rosie O'Connor
Our apprentice ambassadors Rosie, Ellie and Rachel attended BACA Sixth Form to hold an apprenticeship information assembly.

For this our three ambassadors spoke to over 20 pupils at the sixth form about apprenticeships as well as sharing their own experiences.

Together they held a presentation, which included:

  • Introductions from the apprentice and a description of the apprenticeship they are carrying out.
Rachel Maddison

  •  Panel Q&A session – pre written questions for the ambassadors to answer, this gave greater detail of what an apprenticeship involves.

Ellie Bacon
Rachel Maddison, Procurement apprentice and apprentice ambassador, said: “It was exciting to show our brand new film clip, this was the first time being shown publically.

"The panel style Q&A session gave us the chance to talk about our experiences as an apprentice, the benefits and our plans for the future.

"A couple of students showed a real interest, and I hope we managed to show all who attended the many pathways apprenticeships create, and hopefully inspiring some future apprentices."

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