Current Ambassadors

Mairna Marzoug

Apprenticeship: Transport Projects Apprentice
Qualification: Level 2 Business Administration
Team: Public Transport

Before starting my apprenticeship I studied A-Level Accounting, Maths and Physics at BHASVIC. I really enjoyed the subjects I was doing, but realised that a lot of the work I was doing was preparation for exams. I wanted to focus on the skills and experience that I could carry with me into professional, working environment.

This apprenticeship is great as it is in the sector I was looking for, and it is a happy middle ground between college and work.

Joshua Fahimifar

Apprenticeship: Apprentice Support Officer
Qualification: Level 4 Business Administration 
Team: Corporate PMO & Business Process Improvement

Before I started at the council I worked in retail, IT sales and I also studied carpentry. However, I didn't think these jobs were for me and I decided to look into an apprenticeship at the council. I chose my role and I am interested in project management and wanted to learn more about this. I also though it would be rewarding delivering various projects and producing work that is valued to others. So far so good, I am really enjoying it!

Fifi Bula

Apprenticeship: Apprentice Business Support Administrator
Qualification: Level 3 Business Administration
Team: Business Solutions / Education & Skills

I previously volunteer work at City View Children's' Centre and Brighton Job Centre and my adviser had suggested I searched for an apprenticeship. I was sceptical at first but decided to give it a try. I applied for my role with very little knowledge and a lot of misconceptions on apprenticeships.
However, I am now very comfortable in my role as an apprentice and I’m extremely lucky to be working with some amazing people. I work in a dynamic and often very demanding environment but the support from my managers, colleagues and assessor from City College has been extraordinary. I have now completed my Level 2 Business Administration qualification and I’m now onto Level 3.

Theo Duncumb Rogers

Apprenticeship: Communications Apprentice
Qualification: NCTJ Level 3 Diploma in Journalism
Team: Communication

I went to college at BHASVIC and after leaving didn't know what to do. I took a gap year where I did a bit of travelling. I then started looking for jobs and mostly just didn't hear back from anyone. I then applied for this apprenticeship and got it! I've gained new skills and so much experience.

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