Monday, 2 February 2015

Six 1 hour sessions for Year 8 pupils at Varndean High School - Wednesday 28 January

Rosie O'Connor
On Wednesday 28 January two of our ambassadors, Rosie and Jamie spent a day at Varndean High School visiting six Year 8 classes.

The aim was to provide the students with an overview of their options post-school, with a focus on apprenticeships.

The ambassadors filled each hour-long session with team-building exercises and educational games, designed to get everyone thinking about different learning styles and how they connect with different aspects of college, sixth form, university and apprenticeships.

Rosie, Apprentice Ambassador and Cultural Apprentice, said: “On the whole the students were really engaged and we had lots of interesting discussions about what life is like after school.
Jamie McFadden

“One emerging theme in these sessions is that it’s very important to be able to chat with the students in small groups, as that seems to be how they are most comfortable talking about their aspirations, and taking advice."

This was the ambassadors first time working with this age group, and the general response was very encouraging. The students now have an understanding about how an apprenticeship could suit their learning style, without already being totally fixed on following the crowds to college or university.

Good work team and thanks to Varndean School for having us. 

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