Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Apprentice Teaching Assistant

Name: Holly Ryder

Job Title: Apprentice Teaching Assistant

Qualification: Level 2 Supporting Teaching and Learning

After I finished college I decided I wanted to get into teaching. I didn’t want to go to university because of the fees. I chose to do an apprenticeship so I could start getting experience straight away and also get paid at the same time.

I mainly work with children in year 4 and sometimes year 3 and 5 as well. I support the kids who struggle most with learning. We do fun activities that help them learn the same things the other children are doing, but at a level which is more suitable for them. I also work with some autistic children we have at the school.

During my apprenticeship so far I have gained knowledge of what it’s like working in a school and I have great experience of working with SEN children. It’s really rewarding when you see the pupils achieve something they had found difficult and I love getting to see them grow and succeed.

I hope to stay at Patcham Juniors after I finish my apprenticeship. I would like to try and get my level 3 and eventually I want to become a fully qualified teacher.

I would recommend an apprenticeship to everyone. It’s an amazing opportunity to gain experience, get a qualification and also get paid at the same time. If I’d known I could’ve done an apprenticeship straight after finishing my GCSEs I might have not have even gone to college.

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