Friday, 22 April 2016

Council apprentices shadow CEO for the day

Georgia, Geoff & Theo
Two apprentices from Brighton & Hove City Council left their jobs for the day to shadow the Chief Executive of the council.

Georgia Easteal and Theo Duncumb Rogers spent the day with Geoff Raw seeing what it's like to be the CEO of an organisation such as the council as part of the Brathay Apprentice Challenge.

They started their day with a tour of the old police cells museum, which is housed in the basement of Brighton Town Hall.

They learnt all about the history of the police service in Brighton and Sussex, such as the death of Henry Solomon, chief constable of Brighton police in the late 1830s.

After the tour, they returned to the CEO’s office where the two apprentices sat in on meetings, one of which was with representatives from Coffin Mew who were there to speak about, and promote, investment in the city.

Georgia and Theo spoke to Geoff about apprenticeships and what his views were on them.

He started by saying, if he had the chance to do an apprenticeship, he would go for one in creative arts, as he had wanted to go to Art College.

Geoff went on to say that the 18-24 age range is under represented at Brighton & Hove City Council and the demographic makeup of the city should be better represented.

When asked how apprentices have benefited the council, Geoff said: “they bring new energy, new skills and they look at work with a new pair of eyes.”

The CEO said apprenticeships should be available across all areas of council business and he would “Encourage all managers to work hard to bring apprentices in.”

“Why wouldn’t we want to achieve great things?”

If anyone from Brighton & Hove City Council is interested in shadowing members of ELT then get in touch with Lauren Eagle. 

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