Wednesday, 7 March 2018

National Apprenticeships week- Planning apprentice

Caitlin Deller 

Planning Apprentice 

How did you get into the apprenticeship?

I had recently completed my Level 2 qualification in child care at Varndean College; I knew that I wanted to do an Apprenticeship as my sister has just finished completing one and had really benefitted from it. I was mostly searching on the Gov ‘Find and Apprenticeship’ page - this website helped me find apprenticeships from all over, including Brighton and Hove City Council. When I spotted these within the council, this immediately sparked my interest in as I would have never previously thought of apprenticeships based within my local council. This led me onto searching the Brighton and Hove City Council’s job page in which I found a Planning Apprentice position. The applications will vary on the type of apprenticeship you are applying for and the area of workplace, however my current apprenticeship required the usual information such as previous experience and jobs, qualifications, etc. and also required reading the person specification and explaining how you meet those certain criteria’s.

What’s been the most rewarding part of your apprenticeship so far?

When I first saw the job title and role, I hadn’t actually had any knowledge of planning or how the council’s planning department worked. Having the opportunity to learn something completely new was not only a refreshing change from learning the basics at school and college, but it provided me with insight into roles that play a huge part of our towns and cities which younger people may not be aware of. Within my role I have also taken part in apprenticeship activities such as presenting to secondary schools about apprenticeships and what they entail. This was a very rewarding part of my time I’ve spent as an apprentice and helped towards students who may not know what they want to do in later life. Within my past 1 and a half year spent as an apprentice within the council’s planning department, I have quickly developed and gained a vast amount of knowledge. I have worked within the planning admin teams, all the way through to carrying out work at assistant planning officer level which includes writing up reports for applications. I am pleased to have been given this opportunity to develop and increase my knowledge within both a busy work-place and college.

What are the key benefits of doing an apprenticeship?

Doing an apprenticeship is an amazing opportunity to learn an entirely new thing which you may have never come across before. You gain practical experience and will be putting this into place at work, all whilst studying for the subject at a college for a set day a week or completing assignments essential within that apprenticeship (this depends on the type of apprenticeship you are undertaking). You will also be paid for the work you are doing which is a great bonus, and at the end of the apprenticeship you will gain a qualification which can then be used to further develop your career.

Would you recommend apprenticeships to others?

I would definitely recommend apprenticeships to anyone who wants to learn something new, gain physical experience within a workplace and who would like the benefit of being paid for their work. Luckily I was aware of apprenticeships via my previous secondary school and through my sister’s experience previously being as apprentice herself. I would highly suggest having a look online to see ones that may interest you!

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