Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Apprentice Support Officer - Joshua Fahimifar

Joshua Fahimifar 

Age: 18
Apprenticeship: Support Officer
Qualification: Level 4 Business Administration

Before i started at the council I worked in retail and IT sales and attended college. I had studied Design in my first year and didn’t do the best, so after one year of doing A-Levels I decided to study carpentry at City College. I became a qualified carpenter but really didn’t think it was for me and decided to look into an apprenticeship at the council as my friend had done one and has been quite successful. I applied for the role of Apprentice Support Officer and got the job!

I chose my role as I was interested in the aspect of Project Management and wanted to learn more about the way Project Management is done within the local council. I also thought it would be rewarding delivering various projects and producing work that is valued to others. So far so good! I am really enjoying it right now.

City college run my course right now and my mentor is great. I get all the support I need and the feedback of my work is really good.

In my apprenticeship I help senior managers with work they may have, which is different all the time. My role in the team is supporting our team drive modernisation within the council and contributing to high level work. I also produce presentations that go along to senior level managers, as well as attending meetings, and taking actions from them.

After my apprenticeship I hope to do another Project Management Role such as a junior position, but right now I’m focusing on my qualification.

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