Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Transport Projects Apprentice - Mairna Marzoug

Mairna Marzoug

Age: 18
Apprenticeship: Transport Projects
Qualification: Business Administration Level  2 

Before my apprenticeship I studied A-level accounting, maths and physics at BHASVIC College. I really enjoyed the subjects that I was doing and the different opportunities that they had on offer to develop your skills and gain more experience.

 I realized that a lot of the work I was doing was in preparation for exams, whereas I wanted to focus on skills and experience that I could carry with me into a professional working environment. I also wanted to be able to have more time to learn and overcome the new challenges that come with working professionally. Therefore, this apprenticeship was a great opportunity as it was in the sector that I was looking for, and it was a happy middle ground between college and work.

My day-to-day tasks include general administration tasks e.g. minute taking, reporting data, handling mail, writing emails and using the phone. In my job I am also given time to complete my college work, I am undertaking a Business administration Level 2 which is run by City College in Brighton. My favourite project I have worked on so far has been the ‘Breeze up to the Downs’ Project where I get to experience the marketing side of the apprenticeship. I work alongside my manager as we liaise with the designers for the leaflets, planning the contents of the various leaflets for each season, as well as producing distribution lists and taking minutes for the group meetings.

I am currently in the early days of my apprenticeship; I want to explore the different apprenticeship options for the future, such as a Level 3 Apprenticeship in Finance which Brighton and Hove City Council offer. 

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